Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Surgeon’s Guinness book entry honoured

A surgeon from Islamabad removed the world's longest gall bladder.(Photo: Guinness)
By: Hammad Suriya

ISLAMABAD: Dr Naseem Taj, surgeon at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Hospital has received a certificate for his recent achievement of removing longest gall bladder through laparoscopy.

Rasheeda Bibi, 70, was operated by Dr. Naeem Taj at CDA hospital. Dr. Naeem removed a 25.5 cm long gall bladder through a one cm incision. Previously, the record has been made by an Indian doctor by removing 24 cm gall bladder through open surgery.

Dr Taj has also accomplished other typical surgeries, like longest appendix removed from a child and maximum numbers of stones removed from a gall bladder. He dedicated his award to the nation, saying that if given opportunities, resources and encouragement, we can achieve even greater heights.

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